Suggested Reading Material!!

I am often asked if I have any recommendations for books or movies that would help gain a clearer picture of what it's like to be a military pilot.  When I started my journey of becoming a fighter pilot, there were two sources that I found beneficial to understanding the past and present of military aviation.  Focusing on the fighter community, I would highly suggest everyone read, Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary ACE Robin Olds.   

This book is instrumental in understanding the foundation of the modern-day fighter pilot.  Robin Olds is a triple ace, who achieved a combined total of 16 victories in WWII and the Vietnam War. 

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag

This short film depicts an F-15C fighter pilot who is participating in his very first Red Flag.  Red Flag is an international training exercise for air forces of allied countries, many of the world's best pilots meet for the most challenging flying of their career.  Red Flag is the final training for pilots and their aircrew before being sent into actual combat.   


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